Experience Spain on two wheels

If you’re a casual athlete looking  for an active holiday, Catalonia has the perfect mix of phyical activity and pampering for you.


Millenial vacation FOMO is real

If scrolling your social media feeds is giving you serious FOMO because it feels like everyone you know is living it up on vacation, it’s because they are! This year has seen a steep increase in international travel and some may feel it is impossible to keep up.


Holding onto the feelgood factor after the holiday is over

Psychologists reveal how to hold on to those holiday vibes for longer so it is possible to bring your holiday positivity back to the real world with you.

Disneyland Paris has a Marvel-lous new attraction

Marvel fans young and old can live out their superhero fantasies at the newly launched Avengers Campus.

Yokosou! Japan ready for tourists post-Covid

Japan is hoping for a surge in foreign tourists as Covid visa restrictions ease and the yen weakens against the US dollar.

Bhutan welcomes back tourists after COVID-19 with honey, turmeric and SIM cards

Twenty-three foreign visitors landed in Bhutan on Friday, the first to arrive as the Himalayan kingdom reopened its borders after more than two years
following the COVID-19 pandemic, with officials looking to tourism to help revive the local economy.

Fire damages Easter Island statues: mayor

The mayor of Easter Island says several Moai stone statues have been damaged following a wildfire.