Labor says it's doing all it can to help households

Ahead of the latest news on Australia’s economic performance, the federal government says it’s determined to provide as much cost-of-living relief as it can.

Press has blood on its hands - Prince Harry

Prince Harry has become the first senior royal to appear in a witness box in more than a century in a lawsuit brought against Mirror Group Newspapers.

Illegal tobacco crackdown in tough Qld smoking reforms

A licensing scheme, the expansion of smoke-free areas and tougher restrictions are all part of legislative reforms passed by Queensland parliament.

KATHLEEN FOLBIGG VIDEO Kathleen Folbigg has celebrated her release from prison as
Kathleen Folbigg adjusts to life outside prison

After 20 years in jail, Kathleen Folbigg is finding joy in the small luxuries of everyday life while she continues to grieve the loss of her children.

Canada wildfires lead to air-quality alerts in US

Canada is dealing with a series of intense wildfires that have spread from the western provinces to Quebec, with hundreds of forest fires burning. The smoke has traveled into the United States, resulting in a number of air quality alerts issued since May.

Police vehicles rammed in second stolen car intercept

Three people are in custody after several Queensland police cars were damaged by allegedly stolen vehicles in the second dangerous intercept in days.

COMMONWEALTH BANK STOCK Commonwealth Bank has been fined $3.55m for sending out more than 65m spam emails to its customers.
Commonwealth Bank fined $3.5m for breaching spam laws

The media watchdog has imposed on the Commonwealth Bank a record fine for sending out millions of marketing emails that breached spam laws.